Sporlan GVE-2-L1 Thermostatic Expansion Valve-3X4 SAE 5' (VAL114-1)

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Upgrade your refrigeration system with the Sporlan GVE-2-L1 Thermostatic Expansion Valve, a high-performance component designed for optimal temperature control. This valve, with a 3X4 SAE connection and a 5-foot sensing bulb (VAL114-1), ensures precise regulation of refrigerant flow. Here are the key features highlighted in bullet points:

  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve: The GVE-2-L1 is a thermostatic expansion valve designed to regulate the flow of refrigerant, ensuring efficient and controlled cooling.

  • 3X4 SAE Connection: With a 3X4 SAE connection, this valve offers compatibility with standard refrigeration systems, providing versatility in various setups.

  • 5-foot Sensing Bulb (VAL114-1): The included 5-foot sensing bulb enhances the valve's responsiveness to temperature changes, contributing to accurate and consistent control.

  • Reliable Sporlan Quality: Crafted by Sporlan, a trusted name in refrigeration solutions, this expansion valve ensures reliability and durability in demanding environments.

  • Precision Temperature Regulation: The GVE-2-L1 allows for precision temperature regulation, making it suitable for applications where maintaining specific temperatures is critical.

Upgrade your refrigeration system confidently with the Sporlan GVE-2-L1 Thermostatic Expansion Valve, offering precise control, compatibility, and durability. Trust Sporlan and HVACParts.us for top-quality components that elevate your refrigeration performance.

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