Marathon GT0016A Electric Motor 7.5 HP 1800 Rpm 3PH 208-230/460 Volt 213T Frame

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Upgrade your industrial machinery with the Marathon GT0016A Electric Motor, a powerhouse designed for efficiency and durability. With a robust 7.5 HP capacity, 1800 RPM, and a 213T frame, this motor is engineered to deliver consistent and reliable performance across a range of applications. Here are the key features highlighted in bullet points:

  • High Horsepower: The Marathon GT0016A boasts a powerful 7.5 HP capacity, providing ample strength for demanding industrial processes.

  • Efficient RPM: With a speed of 1800 RPM, this electric motor ensures efficient operation, contributing to the overall performance of your machinery.

  • Sturdy Frame: The 213T frame provides a robust structure, enhancing the motor's durability and stability in various industrial environments.

  • Three-Phase Operation: Designed for three-phase operation, this electric motor ensures stable and reliable power delivery, suitable for a range of industrial applications.

  • Versatile Voltage Compatibility: The motor operates within the voltage range of 208-230/460 volts, offering versatility and adaptability to different electrical systems.

Upgrade your industrial machinery confidently with the Marathon GT0016A Electric Motor, delivering a combination of high horsepower, efficient RPM, and durable construction. Trust Marathon and for top-quality components that elevate your industrial operations.

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