Sporlan LAC-4-180-1/2" 1-6 T Head Pressure Control Valve-Inlet Strainer

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Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your refrigeration system with the Sporlan LAC-4-180-1/2" T Head Pressure Control Valve featuring an Inlet Strainer. This high-quality valve is designed to provide precise control over head pressure, ensuring optimal performance. Here are the key features that make the LAC-4-180 an exceptional choice for your refrigeration needs:

  • T Head Design: The T-shaped design of this pressure control valve allows for effective control and regulation of head pressure in your refrigeration system, contributing to consistent and efficient operation.

  • Inlet Strainer: Equipped with an inlet strainer, the LAC-4-180 ensures the prevention of debris and contaminants, promoting a clean and well-maintained refrigeration system.

  • 1/2" Size: With a 1/2" size, this pressure control valve is versatile and suitable for various refrigeration setups, providing flexibility in installation.

  • 1-6 Ton Capacity: The LAC-4-180 is designed to handle a capacity range of 1 to 6 tons, making it suitable for a range of refrigeration applications.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, this Sporlan valve is built to withstand the demands of refrigeration environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Sporlan Quality: As a trusted name in the industry, Sporlan is synonymous with quality and innovation, guaranteeing that the LAC-4-180-1/2" T Head Pressure Control Valve meets the highest standards.

Upgrade your refrigeration system with confidence, knowing that the Sporlan LAC-4-180-1/2" T Head Pressure Control Valve with Inlet Strainer delivers precision, durability, and reliable control for optimal performance. Trust Sporlan and HVACParts.us for top-quality components that elevate your refrigeration system.

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