Johnson Control 2HP Variable Frequency Drive: 3 Phase Input 380-480V 50/60Hz 5.2A - VFD67CFB-1C

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Upgrade your industrial processes with the JOHNSON CONTROL 2HP Variable Frequency Drive, Model VFD67CFB-1C, offering precision motor control in a compact and efficient package. This VFD is designed for 3-phase input with a voltage range of 380-480V and operates seamlessly at 50/60Hz with a current rating of 5.2A. Here are the key features highlighted in bullet points:

  • 2HP Motor Control: The VFD67CFB-1C provides precise control over 2HP motors, ensuring optimal performance in various industrial applications.

  • 3-Phase Input: Designed for 3-phase input, this VFD accommodates the power requirements of industrial setups, contributing to stable and efficient motor operation.

  • Wide Voltage Range: With a voltage range of 380-480V, the VFD ensures adaptability to different electrical systems, enhancing versatility in industrial environments.

  • Frequency Operation: Operates seamlessly at both 50Hz and 60Hz, providing flexibility to suit varying frequency requirements in different applications.

  • Compact Design: The VFD is crafted with a compact design, allowing for easy integration into existing systems while optimizing space utilization.

Upgrade your motor control systems confidently with the JOHNSON CONTROL 2HP Variable Frequency Drive VFD67CFB-1C, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. Trust Johnson Controls and for top-quality components that elevate your industrial processes.

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