Honeywell 3000 OHMS Air Temperature Sensor with 8" Insertion - Model C7046A1004

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Optimize your HVAC system's temperature control with the Honeywell 3000 OHMS Air Temperature Sensor, featuring an 8" insertion length and identified as Model C7046A1004. This high-quality sensor is designed to provide precise and reliable air temperature readings, ensuring efficient and consistent climate management in your HVAC setup. Here are the key features of this exceptional temperature sensor:

  • 3000 OHMS Sensing Element: The C7046A1004 boasts a 3000 OHMS sensing element, ensuring accurate and responsive temperature readings for optimal climate control.

  • 8" Insertion Length: With an 8" insertion length, this sensor is suitable for various HVAC applications, allowing for versatile installation and adaptability to different systems.

  • Honeywell Reliability: As a trusted name in HVAC solutions, Honeywell ensures that the C7046A1004 delivers reliable and durable performance, meeting the highest industry standards.

Upgrade your HVAC system confidently with the Honeywell 3000 OHMS Air Temperature Sensor - Model C7046A1004, offering precision, adaptability, and durability for optimal temperature control. Trust Honeywell and for top-quality components that elevate your HVAC performance.

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