EMERSON Thermal Expansion Valve CA 60K ZAA, 5T Capacity - BT1369070

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SKU: HP-A0022-2

Upgrade your HVAC system with the precision and reliability of the EMERSON Thermal Expansion Valve CA 60K ZAA, featuring a 5-ton capacity and identified by the part number BT1369070. This high-performance expansion valve is engineered for optimal refrigerant control, ensuring efficient and consistent performance in your HVAC system. Here are the key features of this exceptional thermal expansion valve:

  • 5-Ton Capacity: Specifically designed for systems with a 5-ton capacity, providing versatile application in various HVAC setups.

  • CA 60K ZAA Design: The CA 60K ZAA configuration ensures precise control over refrigerant flow, contributing to the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • BT1369070 Part Number: Easily identify and source the exact expansion valve you need with the BT1369070 part number, streamlining the replacement or upgrade process.

  • Reliable Refrigerant Control: Enjoy optimal temperature and pressure regulation with this EMERSON expansion valve, ensuring a consistent and efficient HVAC performance.

Upgrade your HVAC system confidently with the EMERSON Thermal Expansion Valve CA 60K ZAA - BT1369070, offering precision, adaptability, and durability for optimal refrigerant control. Trust EMERSON and HVACParts.us for top-quality components that elevate your HVAC performance.

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