BRIO Portable Air Purifier for Home and Office

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Improving indoor air quality is essential in most urban areas. Many homes and offices do not have sophisticated HVAC systems, and these aren’t in operation 24 hours a day. So portable air purifiers are an important supplement to improve indoor air.

However, most use mechanical filtration and HEPA technology – a technology with significant limitations. By design, HEPA filters clog, leading to declining effectiveness over the filter life. As a result, the filter media needs frequent replacement, which adds significantly to cost and maintenance.

Our Smarter Indoor Air Solution

Brio uses patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APART™) to remove fine and ultrafine particles without clogging or reducing the airflow. Developed by research scientists and technologists at the University of Washington’s Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory, APART technology keeps the clean air delivery rate constant and performance high.

In the Brio Air Purifier, electrostatically charged particles are drawn out of the airflow and into the APART cartridge. With no filter to create resistance or to clog, Brio delivers a constant clean airflow, for better indoor air quality all day, every day. HEPA air purifiers can’t make the same promise.

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